Hazleburn 8 years old Sauternes wood

Springbank distillery are about to release a limited edition of their Hazelburn single malt, matured for 5 years in bourbon casks then 3 years in sauternes casks, bottled at 55.9% vol. This bottling should be available early March 2011.

First distilled in 1997 and every year thereafter. The malt is dried over hot air only, no peat at all is used. Triple distilled.

Colour: Reddish Auburn!
Nose: marmalade on a buttered, toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel. Orange liqueur, burnt demerara sugar, treacle, honey, figs and dates emerge from the sidelines as the aromas develop. Warm and embracing: homemade Seville orange

Palate: cream and ginger bread biscuits. Hints of honey and chili glazed brazil nuts, sweet and warm. Buttery, creamy and rich with orange fondant

Finish: The longer this whisky spends in the glass the better it gets. It has a thick and creamy finish that pleasantly lingers on for a long while, leaving you feeling very content. 




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