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Van Ryn's 10 years old Brandy 38% 70cl

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Van Ryn's brandies from South Africa have consistently been awarded more medals and trophies that any other Brandy in south Africa.

Beautifully integrated oak character gives complex and lingering aftertaste with voluptous, velvety texture.

On the palate is show tobacco, malt, coffee and a lingering chcoalte like flavour on the smooth finish endind in a surprising cleansing effect on the palate.
Van Ryn's 10 years old Brandy 38% 70cl

Customer Reviews

Van Ryn's 10 year old brandy

When my cousin and I were in South Africa in December 2012 for my daughter's wedding, we went to the Van Ryn Distillery and sampled their 6 year, 12 year and 15 year old brandies, which were really impressive. With my cousin Dave's birthday coming up at the end of September I had the brainwave of sending him some South African brandy, which I've never seen for sale in any shops or supermarkets.
I was delighted to find the 10 year old on your website and ordered it for direct delivery to my cousin. It arrived the very next day, which was amazingly fast. He tells me the wrapping was excellent, and he's thrilled to bits with the brandy. So all in all, everyone's happy. Thank you for your brilliant service!

Jennie Liebenberg, North Cotes

The beautifully integrated oak character results in a complex and lingering after taste with a voluptuous, velvety texture. one can really smell the aroma of ripe pears, almonds and chocolates and taste the coffee and chocolate like flavour. I was recommended to ad a splash of water and this really enhances the flavours. I recommend this to every palate.

Simon Dicks,South Africa

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