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The Wild Geese Classic Blend Irish Whiskey 40% 50cl

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The Wild Geese Blended Irish whiskey is a great dram which has won many awards around the World. It is Light, sweet, fruity taste; balanced and smooth. The grain comes through gently andit ends with a tingle of honey and citrus fruit. The finish is clean.The Wild Geese Classic Blend Irish Whiskey is ideal for a wide range of cocktails orjust on its own.
The Wild Geese Classic Blend Irish Whiskey 40% 50cl

Customer Reviews


Is it a crime to make an Old Fashioned from Irish Whiskey? Best I ever tasted. The Drink Finder description of this whiskey is about as accurate as you could get.

Terence Shannon, York
Viceless, delightful

This is a very gentle, subtle whiskey, a great introduction for those who have yet to acquire a taste for the great characters, and a great relaxer for the jaded palate too.

I confess to sometimes mixing with soda. Opinions differ as to what this does for the whiskey, but it surely does wonders for the soda!

My bottle of The Wild Geese always empties faster than usual.

Guy Inchbald, Upton on Severn

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