The Last Vatted Grain Whisky Compass Box 46% 70cl

The Last Vatted Grain Whisky Compass Box 46% 70cl

Key Info

Type Scotch Grain Whisky
Country Scotland
Distilleries Compass Box
Strength 46%

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This whisky came about because of a change in legislation about the term 'Vatted' which means a blend of all malt whisky or a blend of all Grain whisky. Such whiskies must now be called Blended Malt or Blended Grain. This Grain whisky has been made from whiskies from Invergordon (42 years old 31% of the blend) a 29 years old whisky from Carsebridge (14%), a 20 year old whisky from Port Dundas (20%) and a 14 year old whisky from Cameron Brig making up the remainding 35%. It produces and incredibly smooth and complex whisky with elegant and subtle flavours


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