Vodka – more than just potatoes!

What vodka is made from was initially determined by what was grown in the various producing regions of the world. This helped determined regional style of vodka according to the produce used to make it.

WINTER WHEAT Prevailed in Sweden and some parts of Russia giving vodkas of delicacy with undertones of aniseed and a subtle, layered, almost textured, creaminess. Such as Stolichnaya, Absolut and Russian Standard.

RYE The grain of choice in Poland and other parts of Russia giving more pungent vodkas with a distinct peppery kick on the finish ; they have a subtle nutty middle palate with good body. Such as Chopin rye vodka, Wyborowa,

BARLEY & OATS Impart a smooth, nutty character to the vodka.

CORN Used in the USA and other countries,often when the distillery also produces whiskies.

Mixed grain A blend of different grains whose sum is, in the opinion of the producer, greater than the total of the parts.

Potatoes New to Europe at the time that these traditions were springing up ; however, by the 19th century special high-starch varieties were grown near the Baltic Coast for the purpose of making vodkas ; they have a rich, oily creaminess and are full-bodied. Such vodkas as Luksosowa, Chase vodka, Cold River vodka.

Molasses Obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet and used in neutral and inexpensive vodkas.

Grapes Wine rectified through distillation until almost all of the initial character has been lost. Such as Ciroc,

Vodka falls into two main categories, plain and flavoured, the later can have many different ingredients which all impart different flavours to the neutral spiri

Popular flavours are:

Lemon , Limmonaya or Cytrynowka Traditionally made from lemon peel, leaves or a combination of both

Pepper, Pertsovka , or Pieprzowka Made with anything from black pepper to chillies

Blackcurrant , Kurant Made with blackcurrants

Others from Russia and Poland include:

Žubrowka Flavoured with bison grass and then bottled with a single glass blade in each bottle

Jarezebiak Flavoured with rowanberries

Krupnik Flavoured with honey and spice

Starka Flavoured with sweet wine, brandy, port and sometimes the leaves of apple and pear trees

Žytnia Flavoured with apple and plum spirits.


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