Irish Poteen or Potcheen

Irish Poteen is a separate and succinct spirit category that has been produced for several centuries and for nearly the last 300 years has been referred to as Ireland’s Moonshine whiskey. During the period 1666 until recently, in various forms it has been illegal to sell it in Ireland. It was not until 1997 that all restrictions were lifted and it could be sold on the mainland in Ireland.

Whilst within the last 10 years several illicit stills were producing limited quantities, the raids carried out by the Garda (Irish Police) have reduced this to a few. With the recent discovery of dead rats in some of the mash that has been confiscated, few people will now drink illegal poteen, despite the substantial saving on the Irish Excise Duty!

Irish Poteen in its legal form over the past decade, has achieved world-wide acceptance, as a separate category of Irish Spirit. There now remain only three family-owned Irish Poteen brands. Knockeen Hills is recognised internationally, as the Irish premium deluxe brand, being either triple or quadruple-distilled and has won over 10 major awards at the International Wine and Spirit Competitions.


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