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Galliano Ristretto 30% 50cl

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Galliano Ristretto liqueur is made as the italian coffee Ristretto, strong and Invigorating. Using the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to capture the essence of "un Ristretto".
Galliano Ristretto 30% 50cl

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Confessions of a Coffee-Freak

Bella Italia - to call for a Ristretto in the balmy scented air of a garden - and the handsome Italian waiter brings you a perfect cup of coffee - then splashes liqueur in to the cup - traditional - sure - the coffee is alleged to be "corrected" in this way - but a trip to Italy - to stroll down the Trastevere just for a Coffee could prove expensive - You can try this Ristretto instead - this one needs no extra it is perfect in its own right - to make it into a Corretto - adding extra Grappa is superfluous - this one does not need correcting. As for the Italian waiter - he too - is irrecplacable like this Ristretto

Patricia Francis-Wilson, Ellesmere Port

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