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Liqueur de Poires Williams Gabriel Boudier 30% 70cl

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The only liqueur maker in France to be awarded the ISO 9002, Boudiers commitment to quality is total. They commence all their maceration and compounding operations with fresh fruits, herbs or spices and are one of the few houses to do this. The use of essences, oils and artificial flavourings, bought on an industrial scale, are common practice among lesser producers. The headquarters, situated in the heart of Dijon, is a modern plant with its own production , bottling and distribution facility and a first class laboratory.

William Pear liqueur was born from the double experience of Gabriel Boudier: liqueur manufacturer and distiller. The two processes are combined to produce this surprising liqueur with its intense William Pear flavour.
Liqueur de Poires Williams Gabriel Boudier 30% 70cl

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Excellent. You are the only supplier of this liqueur of whom I am aware.

Alan Merrett, Salisbury

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