South Island 18 years old Willowbank Distillery 40% 70cl

South Island 18 years old Willowbank Distillery 40% 70cl

Key Info

Type Other International
Country New Zealand
Distilleries Willowbank
Age 18 yrs
Vintage 1993
Strength 40%

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Distilled and made at the Willowbank Distillery in Dunedin South Island New Zealand. Made with locally grown barley and using the purest water from snow melt off the Southern Alps.

Distilling in New Zealand goes back to the earliest Scottish settlers in 1838, and the distilling industry thrived around New Zealand, and particularly in the Dunedin and surrounding Otago region right through until the 1870s, when government influence saw many close down.

The Willowbank Distillery was opened by the Baker family in 1974 after approaches to the New Zealand government allowed more favourable regulations.

The Bakers commenced distilling whiskies and marketed blends including Wilsons and 45 South.

The large Canadian multi-national Seagrams improved the still and processes after purchasing the distillery in the 1980s, marketing the Single Malts as Lammerlaw, named after a nearby mountain range, the source of the pure water from which the whisky was created.