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Malt Whisky

Here at DrinkFinder you’ll find a massive selection of malt whisky from all the popular distilleries, as well as many more you may not have heard of. We have over 50 years experience in selling whiskies of all types, wine and other spirits, and in this time we’ve learnt a lot about what makes a great malt whisky. The results of our worldwide search await your discovery on our easy to use website.

How is malt whisky made?

There are three main types of whisky - malt, grain and blended, and each is produced in a slightly different way. Malt whisky is produced using malted barley. This is barley which has been soaked in water for several days and allowed to sprout, then dried in a kiln before being ground, fermented, distilled and left to mature.

What is meant by ‘single malt whisky’?

Single malt whisky is the most popular form of malt whisky, and is made using only malt from a single distillery. Single malt whisky may however be produced using malt from a number of different casks at the same distillery. Single cask whisky is also available, and as the name suggests, this is made using only the distilled produce of a single cask. Malt whisky around the world Scotland is by far the world’s largest producer of malt whisky, with over 80 active distilleries. This diversity is reflected by over 600 types of single malt Scotch whisky availab.le on our site. However, we also carry a range of malt whisky from countries around the world including America, Japan and India, each with its own distinctive flavours and aromas.

DrinkFinder - The only source of malt whisky you’ll ever need Like a good single malt whisky, our business has matured over a period of 50 years. From humble beginnings in the tiny Cornish village of Constantine, we have become one of the UK’s leading online suppliers of whisky, wines and spirits. If you’re searching for a particular malt whisky you need only type the name into the search bar at the top of the page. Alternatively, click the ‘whisky’ tab to browse our whiskies based on country of origin, type or price range.

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