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Rhum Orange Liqueur Santa Teresa 40% 50cl

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Flavoured Rum


Rhum Orange Liqueur is the ultimate blending of superb 2 year-old rum steeped in an exquisite maceration of Valencia orange peels.

A brilliant amber-orange colour. Decadently aromatic, it fills the nose with scents of fresh and candied orange peel, complimented by dark, aged rum and brown spice notes. Mildly viscous with zesty citrus notes that keep it refreshing, never cloying, and emphasizing its purity.

Serving suggestions - Out of the freezer, straight up in a snifter or over crushed ice, it is wonderfully mixable.
Rhum Orange Liqueur Santa Teresa 40% 50cl

Customer Reviews

A zingy zesty triumph!

Simply the best liqueur I've ever tasted. Zesty notes, spicy notes - its a positive symphony of vitamin C and flavour! The bottle talks about drizzling it over ice cream. No, no, no! It's far too good for that. Drink it neat and savour every last mouthful. Shame it only comes in 50cl bottles - 500cls would be more like it! The man from the Norfolk Coast, he say yes!

CHRIS Young, Norwich
Really good!

The man from delmonte he say yes!


Sexy & smooth!

Too Strong

Far too strong to be called a liqueur, not keen on the flavour

Strong tasting orange

Relatively strong tasting orange only seems to come after


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