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Rum is a drink that lends itself to being enjoyed in a number of different ways; with a mixer, as the base for a cocktail such as the Mojito, and on its own, as a bracing restorative. Rum was founded on the back of the sugar cane industries in the West Indies.

White rum is a standard drink in the Caribbean with well known brands like Barcardi,and Havana Club. Dark rum such as Captain Morgans, Lambs Navy and Inner Circle are aged from anywhere between 3 and 12 years and its heavier consistency and deeper flavours lend itself to being drunk on its own, although some cocktails do benefit from its weight.


The International Wine and Spirit Competition aims to promote the quality and excellence of the world's best wines, spirits and liqueurs. All rum entrants are blind tasted by experts, and with entries from over 80 countries worldwide you can be sure rums with this award are of a superior taste and quality.

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  • J Bally 1966 Rhum 45% 70cl

    J Bally 1966 Rhum 45% 70cl

    A very Rare old Rhum Argricole from J Bally Distillery in Martinqiue, where they produce some of the best sugar cane in the world. In 1966 England won the wo...
  • J Bally 1970 Rhum 45% 70cl

    J Bally 1970 Rhum 45% 70cl

    Rare old Rhum Agricole from J bally distillery, Martinique. This 1970 bottling was made prior to the distillery relocation in 1989 and was aged in Bourbon ca...
  • J Bally 1975 Rhum 45% 70cl

    J Bally 1975 Rhum 45% 70cl

    Museum bottling of J Bally Rhum Agricole from 1975. Made at the original distillery near the Carbet river, these rhums made from cane juice are aged for 203...
  • J Bally 1979 Rhum 45% 70cl

    J Bally 1979 Rhum 45% 70cl

    A highly collectable museum piece rhum from French Martininique made at the J Bally distillery, Carbet. This 1979 was made at the old distillery prior to its...