Rosebank 21 years old 53.8% vol 2011 Release

Rosebank 21 years old 53.8% vol 2011 Release

Key Info

Type Single Malt Scotch
Country Scotland
Region Lowland
Distilleries Rosebank
Age 21 yrs
Vintage 1990
Strength 53.8%

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A limited edition, natural cask strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky, distilled in 1990 at the now-closed Lowland distillery, Rosebank.

From some of the oldest stocks now held by the original distillers, from refill American Oak and refill European Oak casks.

Only 5,604 numbered bottles worldwide.

Appearance: Pale gold. Moderate beading, very clear.

Nose: Mild nose-feel. The soft start is soon balanced by a crisp, juicy fruit sharpness (tropical fruits, orange and tangerine peel) and sweetness (fruit sweets). Below this the sweet fruit gives way to a more delicate earthy, even floral character: lily and English rose. Water makes the aromas softer; sweet lemon fondant replaces the earthiness. Late green apple fruit and floral notes; ripe peaches in a brown paper bag.

Body: Light.

Palate: At natural strength, tingling mouth-feel and good acidity; fresh, clean and drying. Mineral and tart (ripe plum skins) with faint menthol, then pleasingly charred with light pepper. Beautifully silky with a little water, when a very soft floral sweetness emerges (fruit salad and orange water) before the lemony acidity asserts itself.

Finish: Short and drying, with just an appetising hint of bitterness. Later, some red grape fruit. Softer, more gentle and rounded with water. Finally, a little late cocoa dryness.