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Portobello Road Gin No.171 London Dry Gin 42% 70cl


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On the front of the palate Portobello Road Gin has a generous slug of juniper, the mid palate has a sustained, fresh citrus character from their use of lemon, bitter orange and coriander, which then develops into a sweet peppery finish, which is achieved by the use of liquorice and nutmeg.

Bottled at 42% Portobello Road Gin has enough alcoholic strength to carry and sustain the flavours of the nine botanicals - juniper berries, lemon peel, bitter orange peel, coriander seeds, orris root, angelica root, cassia bark, liquorice and nutmeg.

Distilled by 8th generation London Distiller Mr Charles Maxwell Portobello Road Gin is a traditionally styled London Dry Gin which eschews the modern trend for ever more esoteric botanicals, a big hit of Juniper is followed by a burst of citrus from the lemon and bitter orange and then a sweet note from the liquorice and the cassia bark which slowly builds to a long peppery finish from the nutmeg.
Portobello Road Gin No.171 London Dry Gin 42% 70cl

Customer Reviews

Good solid gin, but nothing too exciting


Luke, Brixton
A fine quality gin.

This is quite dry on the palette and reasonable satisfactory drunk with good quality tonic water, a slice of lemon with ice is an essential for full enjoyment.

I. Flockton Louth Lincolnshire

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