Port Dundas 1973 55.6% vol The Octave Range 70cl

Port Dundas 1973 55.6% vol The Octave Range 70cl

Key Info

Type Scotch Grain Whisky
Country Other
Distilleries Port Dundas
Strength 55.6%

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Each whisky in the Octave collection has been carefully matured between 5 to 50 years. When Duncan Taylors taste panel deem the whisky

is at its best it is taken to our warehouses in the heart of Speyside, where it is decanted into smaller, 1/8th 50 litre size Octave casks to be

faithfully invigorated by our renowned whisky experts.

While in the Octave cask, the flavour profile of the whisky is gently expanded. The sherry infused new American oak offers younger whiskies a glance towards the future, giving them the weight, body and balance normally associated with an older vintage, while retaining their freshness

and vibrancy. Older whiskies recall their youthful zesty character, offering a seductive wave of fire and passion, while retaining their distinguished, well rounded character.