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Port Charlotte PC9 An Ataireach Ard Bruichladdich 59.2% 70cl

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Single Malt

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The 9th edition od the ultra rare and collectible PC single malt from Bruichladdich distillery.The final edition before the general release of the 10 year old next year.

No respite, this is the quick and the dead. Now you can taste the rich, sweet flavours from the Spanish casks, the crme brule from the bourbon, the biscuity, shortbread flavours of the barley, and always, that magical zesty, lemon peel flavour that is so unique to Bruichladdich spirit. Those flavours give the spirit complexity and balance so that you are not suffocated in a peat bog; your senses are alive and awake. PC9 is still young and gaining in sophistication, it gives you that heart-warming feeling that comes from passion distilled with pride. Well done my son, we are proud of your progress
Port Charlotte PC9 An Ataireach Ard Bruichladdich 59.2% 70cl

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