Pincer Vodka 38% 70cl

Pincer Vodka 38% 70cl

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Type Vodka
Strength 38%

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Pincer vodka is made in Scotrland using the finest grains and Scottish mountain water and blended with natural botanical extracts of milk thislte and wild elderflower.

We recommend these simple and delicious Pincer drinks...

Take a shot (or two) of Pincer Vodka, then add...

... tonic - Pincer Tonic

... ginger ale - Pincer Dry

... soda water - Pincer Pure

... pomegranate juice - Pincer Red

All served over cubed ice and garnished with a slice of cucumber.

Pincer Vodka is a wonderful base spirit for many classic and contemporary cocktails.

For example, try a Pincer Mary by adding Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce, Tomato Juice, fresh lemon and season to your taste.