Pastis Janot 45% 70cl

Pastis Janot 45% 70cl

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Type Pastis
Strength 45%

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Unlike many brands of pastis, the herbs and spices of Pastis Janot are not distilled, but rather macerated, thereby imparting both natural flavour and colour. When the master blender considers absorption of flavour to be just right, the liquor is drawn off, filtered and bottled. It is this rather fragile balance between intensity of aroma and subtleness of flavour that gives Janot its distinct, rich taste. Although the exact number and types of herbs and spices used are a closely guarded secret, the following are apparent in both the flavour and aroma : Star anise & green anise (China)Give that powerful liquorice and aniseed flavour essential to all pastis Cloves (Indonesia & the Caribbean)Adds spice and depth of flavour Tonka beans (South America)Have a complex aroma reminiscent of vanilla, cloves, old leather and tobacco Cardamom (Malaysia)Intensely aromatic and enriching Cinnamon (India & Sri Lanka)Gives a pungent yet soothing flavour Black & white peppercorns (Malaysia)Give depth, spice and bite.

This naturally yellowish spirit has an aromatic nose full of aniseed, meadow grass and heavier notes of cloves and cinnamon. Initially, refreshingly zesty, developing more complex flavours of anise and liquorice. Sharp spice.