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Oval 42 Vodka 40% 70cl

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The linkup between Fluid Brands and OVAL is the culmination of a twelve month international brand search by Fluid Brands MD, David Flockhart. The brief was clear to find the worlds purest super premium vodka in a beautiful unique bottle, produced and owned by very good people.

The challenge though was much tougher as most leading vodka brands claim to be the purests vodka proving the purity factor was totally key to the search. Previously, all vodkas were made the same way, so the answer had to lie in the future technology of the distillation process, which uniquely, OVAL have developed with a new patentedstructured process which strips out all impurities after distillation, meaning that water and alcohol are treated separately during the process. The end result is a stunningly great vodka, extremely smooth, with a warm spicy finish, preferably consumed neat and at room temperature surely a first in the UK to be promoted this way.
Oval 42 Vodka 40% 70cl

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