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Toussaint Coffee Liqueur 26.5% 50cl

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Toussaint coffee liqueur has less sugar added than any of the other coffe liqueurs, to give a real expresso flavour.

TOUSSAINT Liqueur de Caf, the "DRY" coffee liqueur. At an original alcohol strength of 26.5%/vol. and only 250 grams of sugar per liter, the espresso coffee flavour liqueur can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, in cocktails and in food.

Liqueur de Caf Toussaint is named after the famous Haitian soldier and statesman, General Toussaint LOuverture, who was born in 1743 on the North West coast of the French Caribbean Island colony of Saint Domingue, the western part of which became the second independent republic in the western hemisphere in 1804: Haiti.
Toussaint Coffee Liqueur 26.5% 50cl

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