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The Bitter Truth Creme de Violette 20% 50cl

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The Bitter Truth creme de Violette is made from wild violet blossoms that grow in the Alps which are then added to the finest grain spirit. It captures the delicate and elegant flavors of this fragile flower in a very impressive way. This authentic crme de violette makes it possible to mix classic cocktails like The Aviation and The Blue Moon true to the original recipe, as well as modern cocktails such as theViolette Fizz.

Tasting Notes: Slightly sweet and very flowery. The violet aroma is very subdued and natural.
The Bitter Truth Creme de Violette 20% 50cl

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Great authentic taste, used it for The Aviation cocktail, and amazed how different the taste was using this rather than other branded alternatives. Will be trying it in other cocktails!

Alexander Floyd, SOLIHULL

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