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Ocho Anejo Tequila Single estate 40% 70cl

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Anejo Tequila

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An estate-grown, 100% Blue Agave Tequila range, OCHO is produced as a collaboration between Tomas Estes (the man credited with bringing the first bottle of Tequila to Europe) and renowned distillers, the Camarena family. What's really unique about OCHO is that it bears the first ever 'Tequila vintage'.

With a nose of dried fruit and powdered sugar, as well as hints of cinnamon, orange peel, rich plum and caramel, Ocho Anjeo is in its own league in the Tequila stakes.

On the palate cinnamon, brown sugar, apricots and toasted almonds offer a smooth taste, with coffee and cacao accents bringing a crescendo to the lasting finish.
Ocho Anejo Tequila Single estate 40% 70cl

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