Niepoort 2003 Vintage Port 75cl

Niepoort 2003 Vintage Port 75cl

Key Info

Type Port
Country Portugal
Grape Port Blend

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This vintage continues Niepoort tradition to create balanced ports with great concentration but simultaneosly

fine and delicate. At Niepoort' we predict that this vintage will be one of the finest in decades...

Tasting Notes

Fine, elegant, mineral but not balsamic. The taste continues fine, agressive and with tannins, rich but not

excessive and with a long final.

Impressive finesse even though robust.


In 2003 the harvest had very hot days and also very humid days. The production was high but with small

grapes that produced concentrated tannins and colour.

Overriped and dry grapes were taken out to reassure the finesse of the wine.

Vinha da Pisca, (very old vineyard), with notes of coffee and black berries gave the final blend the

desired finesse.

In September 2005 the cycle for Niepoort Vintage 2003 was completed and now the wine ages in the final

bottle, (32000 bottles of 750ml).