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Tarquins Dry Gin 42% 35cl



A contemporary take on a classic London Dry, they use fragrant handpicked Devon violets and fresh orange zest to deliver an aromatic sensation unlike any other. We like to think the result is comparable to stumbling upon a beautiful orange blossom in the middle of a crisp, dry pine forest. Only the best and most pure spirit (the heart) makes it into Tarquins Gin, which is diluted to bottling strength at 42% with Cornish spring water.

Made in small batches of just 300 bottles at a time before being hand selected, bottled and labelled and signed by Distiller Tarquin Leadbetter.

One unusual ingredient is the Devon violet. From these I take the delicate leaves, which add a vibrant green freshness to the gin and create something deliciously unique.

- Tarquin, Head Distiller
Ideal Serve...

Tarquins Gin and Tonic: 4 parts tonic, and 1 part Tarquin's Gin garnished with a chunk of lime and an orange twist.

Or try a Cornish Martini: 5 parts Tarquin's Gin, 1 part dry vermouth and 1 part Tarquin's Cornish Pastis, stirred over ice.
Tarquins Dry Gin 42% 35cl

Customer Reviews


Awesome gin one of the best i have tasted

Julia Gorski, LISKEARD
A contemporary twist to a quality tipple!

I ordered this as something special for Xmas but couldn't wait to open it! It really is special but such good value that it doesn't have to wait for an occasion and instead can be enjoyed any time. The taste is smooth, refreshing and defies description - just get some and try it for yourself!

Helen Cook, LUTON

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