Mozart Dry Chocolate Spirit 40% 70cl

Mozart Dry Chocolate Spirit 40% 70cl

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Type Chocolate Liqueur
Strength 40%

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100% distilled from premium chocolate macerate. All natural ingredients. Pure & Dry (sugar content: 0,0 g/l)

Striking prompt development of delicious chocolate aroma hits the palate and builds up a long-lasting bittersweet aftertaste. Still, Mozart Dry comes across dry and crisp.

Reflecting the original XOCOLATL drink of the Aztecs rather than today's chocolate, Mozart Dry is directly gained from the untreated raw materials cacao and vanilla.

Based on a groundbreaking idea deriving from fundamental research in alcoholic beverages, a special distillation equipment was engineered.

As a result from the sophisticated process, a crystal clear produce is won from pure chocolate macerate.


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