Martin Millers London Dry Gin 40%

Martin Millers London Dry Gin 40%

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Type Gin
Strength 40%

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A gin of super premium quality and authentic character, the delicious, clean taste of Millers reformed london Dry Gin will always refresh and invigorate. Born out of Love, Obsession and A Degree of Madness! Martin Miller's Gin has become one of the world's most loved and awarded gins. Love- Martin's Miller's own love affair with gin from the ages and its unrivalled history. He wanted to create a product which was a tribute to this. A modern classic.

Obsession- Martin's Miller's obsession to use a traditional English method of distillation and the finest palette of botanicals. Using a 100 copper pot still called Angela and the highest quality botanicals sourced from around the globe, he could achieve this.

Madness- Martin Miller's degree of madness to marry the raw gin spirit with Icelandic spring water- one of the purest sources of water in the world! Martin Miller's are the only gin maker to use what Icelanders call 'live water', that is, fresh spring water straight from the source. It is this that gives the gin it's unique mouth feel and ordered delivery of flavours and aromas.

Martin Miller's goal was to not re-invent gin, but instead show people how wonderful gin can be when no expense is spared and no compromises are made "so good, it can be drunk neat!"

So after all the effort of selecting the best botanicals from around the world, Rob the master distiller sweating blood and tears to get the recipe correct and then a 1,500 mile journey to Iceland, how does it taste? Smooth and delicate, with long lasting citrus notes that are neither too bitter nor sweet, coupled with Juniper notes punching through whilst not overpowering, climaxing in a soft, clean finish.


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An old friend! - Review by Janey, Cornwall
My favourite which seems to stand the test of time, especially against all these new, specialist gins. A delicious gin, beautifuly crafted and just perfect with Fevertree tonic. (Posted on 28/09/2013)

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