Midleton Very Rare 2013 40% 70cl

Midleton Very Rare 2013 40% 70cl

Key Info

Type Irish Potstill
Country Ireland
Distilleries Midleton Rare
Vintage 2013
Strength 40%

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This is the Falgship whiskey of the Jameson distillery. Small batch blend released annually with vintage date.

This whiskey is aged between 12 and 25 years, and is matured exclusively in seasoned Bourbon barrels. Midleton Very Rare was launched in 1984 to celebrate the whiskeys of the Midleton distillery, and a new vintage has been released every year since then. Each bottle carries its own individual number and the signature of our Master Distiller. This annual release of a new vintage is a departure for the whiskeys of Irish Distillers where consistency from year to year is highly valued. The individual nature of the selection process for each vintage of Midleton Very Rare means that each years vintage provides its own character.