Mezcal Jaral de Berrio 36% 70cl

Mezcal Jaral de Berrio 36% 70cl

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Type Mezcal
Style Mezcal
Strength 36%

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Jaral de Berrio have been producing premium tequila since at least 1780. They maintain the highest quality standards by closely observing every detail of the process from the selection of the agaves to their tradional distillation methods.

The Jaral de Berrio region received Denominacin de Origen status in November 2001, thus becoming the first private company to receive this distinction.

The agave used to make Jaral de Berrio is a variety of Salmiana that has grown naturally in the region for centuries. The plant has a maturation process of 8 to 12 years before it can be used, and once used it perishes.

After this maturation, the agave blades are stripped, leaving only the agave heads. These are placed in a steam-heated oven. The process lasts for three days, after which they present a deep brown colour and during this process the juices are trickled down to a container which is stored. The cooked agave heads are moved to a stone grinder, where they are cut before they are ground. The juices from the cooking and the grinding process are mixed together with ferments. The fermented product is moved for distillation.

Once distilled, it s run through a condenser and a basin to verify the grades of alcohol and ensure that the remaining impurities, if any at all, are filtered out.


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