Mackessack Premium 8 years old Scotch Whisky 40% 70cl

Mackessack Premium 8 years old Scotch Whisky 40% 70cl

Key Info

Type Blended Scotch Whisky
Country Other
Strength 40%

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MACKESSACK PREMIUM SCOTCH WHISKY is the product of three generations and one remarkable partnership. Introducing a new style of blended whisky for the new

consumer of whisky. Mackessack Premium Scotch Whisky combines the best in international flair and Scottish pedigree. Named after Douglas Mackessack, one of the most respected

figures in the scotch whisky industry and brought to market by one of its greatest pioneers, Armando Giovinetti, Mackessack offers consumers the best of both worlds.

It combines the complexity and quality appreciated by the real connoisseur and lover of whisky, with a delicacy and subtlety attractive to new consumers.

More innovative and intriguing than a traditional single or blended malt, this premium blended whisky boasts an exceptionally high proportion of single Speyside malt

whiskies, creating a delicious, delicate taste of subtle complexity typical of the finest Speyside malts.

A smooth whisky, which is at the same time refined and complex, Mackessack can be enjoyed mixed, but expresses itself best when served neat or with a dash of water to

release the delicate aroma, some sweetness and the finish of a malt.