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Liqueur de Rose Edmond Briottet 18% 70cl

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It was the Chinese who first imagined cooking roses by making preserved rosebuds. Following the Silk Roads, the rose arrived in Iran (ancient Persia) where delicious rose loukoums were produced, as they are in Turkey. The first cookery theoretician, the Roman Apicius, used to make rose wine. Widely used around the Mediterranean, its use spread through Europe during the Middle Ages following the return from the Crusades. At that time, rose water was served in all the lordly households for ablutions before and after the meal.. To drink our liqueur, we recommend this recipe. Pour a small quantity of liqueur de rose into a champagne glass. Add the champagne. When serving, place a rose petal in the glass of champagne. The effect is magical! Bubbles rise to the surface, the kir becomes pale pink and once the petal has given off its sugar, it rises to the surface. The effect is guaranteed! Liqueur de rose can also be drunk as a digestif, iced in a frosted brandy glass.
Liqueur de Rose Edmond Briottet 18% 70cl

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