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Knockeen Hills poteen 70% vol 70cl


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Historically, Irish Poteen has been produced for over 300 years. It achieved notoriety when home production was made illegal during the reign of Oliver Cromwell, to coerce the Irish population to buy inferior Crown Whiskey which had high taxes, to pay for the English costs of its war against Ireland and its occupation. In 1997 the illegal status was removed by the Irish Government. In 2007 the EU conferred 'Geographical Indicative' protective status to Irish Poteen.

Gold Strength Triple-Distilled 70%

Colour - Transparent.


Hint of melon and vanilla, followed by an olive flush. Yielding wild thyme, lemon zest and slightly balsamic to the nose.


:It is quite warm on ice, and refreshingly easy to drink, and more so than vodkas of lesser strength. Irish triple-distilled spirit provides an easy tasting drink with a variety of fruit juices and mixers. The additional strength as compared to the Farmers 60% vol. provides a noticeably exceptionally smooth substitute for main line spirits such as gin, tequila, rum vodka and whiskey, taken with usual mixers where appropriate. Outstanding as a contempory cocktail base.

See http://www.irish-poteen.com/consumer/cons_cocktails.html


:Strong, crisp though particularly smooth..


Clean, complex balance.
Knockeen Hills poteen 70% vol 70cl

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