Knockeen Hills Heather Gin 47.3% 70cl

Knockeen Hills Heather Gin 47.3% 70cl

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Type Gin
Strength 47.3%

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Historically, London Dry Gin has been produced in London for over 300 years. 'London Cut' is a description, reserved for gin where the botanicals have been cut and distilled in London; the traditional historic centre of gin distilling. This is one of a small and distinguished group to qualify for this prestigious hallmark of quality.

Heather is one of Knockeen Hills' super-premium traditional 'London Cut' Dry Gins which have uniquely achieved a very noticeably softer delivery of spirit on the palate by additionally using five times distilled Irish Spirit at every stage in its production. This process also involves natural heather and exclusively organic botanicals, steeped in the spirit for at least 24 hours. To ensure maximum quality and supervision, only selected small batches are produced at a time.

Clean pure silver white spirit. The nose has an intricate complexity, high toned key notes of dried flowers with a firm core of juniper, coriander seed and citrus zest. Full flavoured and wonderfully aromatic; delivered with a surprising delicacy and smoothness, the floral/meadow flower complexity kicks back on the finish. Clean, generous and very precise, a very well made spirit indeed.