Kauffman Vodka Private Collection Since 2000 40% 100cl

Kauffman Vodka Private Collection Since 2000 40% 100cl

Key Info

Type Vodka
Style Plain Vodka
Strength 40%

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Super luxury Vodka with subtle hints of toasted rye, fennel and menthol on the nose. On the palate the mouth feel is soft and subtle with more touches of mint initially but leading onto a crispness and well defined finish that carries through with a little anise and spice.

Dr Mark Kaufman owns the Kauffman Private Collection Russian Vodkas,and it was because of his passion that the products exist today.

Inspired by his experiences within the fine food and wine markets and by his own Russian heritage, Dr Kaufman worked for five years to produce a vodka that could be elevated to the same aspirational levels as the finest cognacs, whiskies and wines.

The first vintage of Kauffman Private Collection Vintage Vodka was produced in 2000. Each adhered to strict guidelines to ensure their success

:Best wheat : From a single harvest of a single field within 1 of Russias 7 top wheat-producing areas

Distiller controlled : All steps of distillation closely monitored by the master distiller

Inspirational packaging : Saint Gobaine designed as a tribute to modern Russia


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