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Ish Gin London Dry Gin 41% 70cl



Whilst modern in it's presentation, -ish returns to a traditional London Dry style using botanicals including coriander seed, angelica root, almond, orris root, nutmeg, cinnamon, cassia, liquorice, lemon & orange peel and with an "extra shot" of Juniper (almost double of a standard London Dry). Ish has a much higher concentration of bespoke gin to alcohol and water providing a very smooth and full mouth-feel, this along with the extra juniper makes -ish unique and distinguisable.

Ish is housed in a stricking red bottle a with decadent looking Victorian font.

Ish comes from the suffix, symbolising British, stylish, morish...but also signifies the "Irresistable Scandalous Hallmark". Other messages scribed on the bottle; " Ish is an attitude" "bold yet stylish" "always provoking" "needs no excuses" "never apologises" "very brit" help portray the personality of -ish.

Ish is smooth with a brilliantly clean taste; the result of superior quality botanicals used in the distillation.

Nose: Intense juniper, rounded by earthy coriander and refreshing hints of citrus.

Palate: An initial sweetness from the orange, followed by a complex harmony of flavours. The juniper provides a desirable crisp dryness.

Conclusion: Elegant on the nose and well structured on the palate with sweet citrus notes
Ish Gin London Dry Gin 41% 70cl

Customer Reviews


one of the best that I have tried

chris wilson, FROME
Best gin I've ever tried!

I was not a fan of gin until I tried this one at a restaurant in Ibiza. This is one of my favourite drinks now.
What a convincing feel and aftertaste. I had it with fever tree indian tonic water which made a great spirit!
Highly recommended to people who never drink gin.

Jorge Laguna, LONDON

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