Hangar One Fraser River Raspberry Vodka 40% 70cl

Hangar One Fraser River Raspberry Vodka 40% 70cl

Key Info

Type Vodka
Style Flavoured Vodka
Strength 40%

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Hangar one Vodka is truley unique. It is made using a pot-distilled vodka using wine from excellent viognier grapes, which is a very expensive thing to do. This is lovely stuff - soft, aromatic, and unbelievably smooth. Next, they blend this viognier wine vodka into well-made column-still wheat vodka.

The viognier wine vodka makes Hangar One Straight vodka pure, elegant, tasty, and very, very smooth. Theres no unpleasant ethanol/alcohol overtone, no burn on your tongue, no roughness in the back of your mouth. When you mix the Straight with other things, the vodka brings out the flavor without making the drink taste alcoholic. This is the way its supposed to be: you should just plain enjoy what youre drinking.

People get excited about the Fraser River Raspberry vodka because its just like fresh raspberries, not the bubblegum chemical compound you expect from raspberry flavored products. We dont add sugar. We don't add anything. Its just raspberries and vodka.

We macerate and distill the berries, then we blend in raspberry juice. The juice adds complexity and a natural color. We had a totally fabulous design for our raspberry bottle, but when we put the finished product in it, the fresh juice didnt like the UV rays that came through the clear glass. Now we use a green bottle that gives full UV protection, so we can keep distilling what we think is a truly exceptional spirit.

We buy red Meeker raspberries from some folks up in Washington states Fraser River valley. Try the vodka with some dark chocolate.