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Chateau de Pellehaut Reserve Gaston Armagnac 42% 70cl

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A blend of the best barrels of Ugni Blanc of more than 20-26 years old and Folle Blanche of more than 10 years old. Armagnac is aged in oak casks made from wood from the forests of Gascony or the Limousin area. The Rserve de Gaston has a mid amber gold colour with fresh, grapey aromas; apple and plum crumble with custard. Open and light on the palate with creamy chocolate notes and berry fruit. Crisp, clean, fruity.

At Pellehaut, 2 varieties are used in the production of the eaux-de-vie

:The Ugni Blanc, destined for Armagnacs which will be commercialised from 15 years of age.

The Folle blanche, which gives finesse and complexity, and which can be drunk younger, used from 10 years of age at Chateau de Pellehaut.

ARMAGNAC la rserve de gaston

50% Ugni Blanc

50% Folle Blanche - 42% VOL - 7 0 cl

Gold Medal at the Paris Concours Gnral Agricole in

2007 and 2010
Chateau de Pellehaut Reserve Gaston Armagnac 42% 70cl

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