Georgia Moon Lemonade 35% 75cl

Georgia Moon Lemonade 35% 75cl

Key Info

Type Bourbon Whiskey
Country America
Distilleries Georgia Moon
Strength 35%

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The forerunner and kissing cousin to Bourbon, American Straight Corn Whiskey is defined by the US Government as having a recipe or mashbill with a minimum of 81% corn, the rest being malted barley and rye. Today, Heaven Hill is the sole remaining national producer of this uniquely American Whiskey style, bottling such classic names as Georgia Moon, Mellow Corn, Dixie Dew and J.W. Corn. As world-renowned whiskey writer Jim Murray wrote, "If you are a true student of whiskey, your education is a long way from being complete until you have mastered this particularly charming form."

Georgia Moon is clear, and upon twisting off the cap is a potent tang of sour liquor, followed by the smell of sweet corn. On the palate, it starts sour and unsavory, but oily and silky soft with the smallest of bites.


Customer Reviews

Full of lemony natural goodness. - Review by Christopher Giltjes-Vincent, Truro
Can't comment in full, as my Brother, whose Birthday present this was, was far too possessive. Got a little taste though and will be going back tonight after dark for some more. Burglar alarm disabled, so should be an easy tipple. (Posted on 12/10/2014)

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