Frangelico Liqueur 20% 70cl

Frangelico Liqueur 20% 70cl

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Type Fruit Liqueur
Strength 20%

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Frangelico is a premium hazelnut liqueur from Piedmont, Italy. Its origins date back over three hundred years, to a time when Franciscan monks lived in the hills above the Po river. They distilled health-giving liqueurs, or elixirs, from local fruits, herbs and nuts.

One such monk was a hermit, Fra Angelico. And his nut liqueur was based on the hazelnuts and herbs which grew wild in the Italian hills.

Frangelico hazelnut liqueur is a contemporary recreation of Fra Angelico's original recipe. Its distinctive bottle is shaped like a monk, complete with rope girdle, in his honour.

A blend of Italian hazelnuts and herbs with cacao, coffee and vanilla, Frangelico's warm hazelnut flavour is enriched with sophisticated hints of chocolate and coffee. It is made in the town of Canale, Piedmont.



Frangelico is infused with the wonderful taste of toasted wild hazelnuts from North Italy. The golden liqueur also features cocoa, vanilla berries and a host of other natural flavours


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SUMMARY - Review by Keith Burnett, CHATEAUBERNARD
COMMENTS (Posted on 01/11/2014)
SUMMARY - Review by Vanessa Evans, ST. AGNES
COMMENTS (Posted on 11/05/2014) - Review by Drinks Enthusiast, Manchester
The nose of Frangelico gives an instant hit of hazelnut, a reminder of digestive biscuits also crossed my mind, although on taste, the hazelnut becomes very subtle. It’s a light, almost creamy liqueur that leaves only a hint of nut in your mouth. It’s a short, sharp drink that I think will surprise you. Great for a sweet tooth like myself!

(Posted on 23/09/2011)

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