Foxdenton London Dry Gin 48% 70cl

Foxdenton London Dry Gin 48% 70cl

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Type Gin
Strength 48%

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Starting with the basic botanicals such as juniper and coriander we added a variety of others. Each time we distilled a new version and compared it with other gins and our earlier samples. This was a difficult and time consuming process, but we were determined to try as many samples as possible in our unceasing effort to get the best. We tasted gin by itself, with water and finally with tonic to see how they developed. We have recovered well.

When tasting gin, it is best to mix it with water so that the flavours are uncontaminated, and you will be surprised to find that the flavour is stronger and cleaner when mixed with water, though some may appreciate the bite of pure gin, particularly that chap under the table.

Our London dry gin is distilled as a concentrate which is then added to neutral spirits to achieve the required strength again it is interesting that increasing the concentrate percentage does not improve or heighten the flavour. By long experimentation we fixed on a 4% mix as providing the fullest flavour.

Curiously, although there is no ageing process with gin it does develop a fuller flavour after some time resting post distillation, so we let it rest taste, and not time, is of the essence.

And why the strength? Well, as we said we like gin, and we want to know its there when we first put that dew laden, ice filled glass to our lips, and smell the citrus rising as though from a Spanish orchard with the tonic bubbles fizzing to the surface. I think I will rest a moment and retry it. As it says on the bottle it is the dose that poisons, not the gin! After numerous tastings we set upon 48% as giving the fullest flavour without overpowering the senses.

Having created our delight, we tested it on many seasoned gin drinkers, who are after all our target market. To our unbounded joy, they all agreed it makes a recognisably different drink (why buy it otherwise) and so here it is, a new sensation.