Drappier Rose Champagne Val de Demoiselles 12% 75cl

Drappier Rose Champagne Val de Demoiselles 12% 75cl

Key Info

Type Rose
Country France
Region Champagne
Vintage Non Vintage
Strength 12%

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The production of a Ros through maceration of Pinot Noir is rare in Champagne. With a vineyard particularly rich in Pinot, the Drappier house has the raw material from which to extract the grapes with the highest concentration of red fruit aromas.This concentration is, moreover, so strong that we lighten the cuve, another original feature of our house, by adding a proportion of Pinot vinified in white. The years follow each other but are al l different.Rather than create a systematic Ros with an unvarying colour, we al low nature to surprise us, the fruit being, in our eyes, more important than the tint.

It is firstly on the nose that the Ros reveals itself, with notes of red fruits and violet. It is powerful in the mouth, one is obviously in the presence of a 100% Pinot Noir. Thanks to a prise de mousse at a low temperature, an effervescence of fine lace reveals f lavours of citrus fruits and pepper.We will refrain from giving any advice on the consumption of our Ros. In fact the uncompromising features of this Champagne do not wish to have the range of choices dictated to them. The Drappier Ros can be appreciated at any moment of the day or night, except with

chocolates or coffee.