Dr J Dry Cambridgeshire Gin 45% 70cl

Dr J Dry Cambridgeshire Gin 45% 70cl

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Type Gin
Strength 45%

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Gin is such an emotive and fun spirit, the juniper and coriander key notes are often its signature. Everyone has a favourite and our aim is to make ours your new favourite! We wanted ours to be invigorating and refreshing; the ideal zest in ones day as the sun slides beneath the yard-arm; providing you with a twinkle in your eye and a rye-smile to kick off an evenings great banter. There are gins out there that have more botanicals in them than a good stretch of Amazon rain forest. We chose just a few with the aim of them coming together to form something with timeless elegance. There can be no finer start to our gins creation: we kick off with our own neat English Spirit and add our personal choice of juniper berries, coriander seeds and macadamia nuts. Somewhere in the spell there are Seville oranges, Spanish lemons, lime and a few secrets never to be told. Theres a haunting magic to the spell thats cast as the first vapours take to the air. Once free of the still theres a last critical step: the cut. Every distiller will have their own, tailored to what has gone before and how they aim to present. Our cut is different to most weighing in at 45% ABV for the perfect balance of perfumed aroma, citrus notes, cream, dryness and acidity. Theres little more to be said other than it is spot on just what the doctor created!