Chateau Pellehaut 25 years old Armagnac 40% 70cl

Chateau Pellehaut 25 years old Armagnac 40% 70cl

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Key Info

Type Armagnac
Age 25 yrs
Strength 40%

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Pellehaut Armagnac 25 years has a beautiful amber colour, hazelnut andgingerbread on the nose. In the mouth, you'll appreciate that it is full flavoured, with hints of liquorice and toasted oak.

Covering some 530 hectares, Chteau de Pellehaut is one of the biggest estates in the whole of the Gers. 250 hectares are made up of vines, whilst the remaining land is used to raise Blonde d'Aquitaine cattle and for growing cereals.

It is a true farming estate run in a traditional way; respect for ancestral methods and for natural balance tempered by a scientific rigour and a constant search for quality through innovation.

The Tnarze, with its calcareous clay soils, produces eaux-devie with more structure and power. It is because of this variety and complexity of the soils that the wines of this vineyard are a lot more fruity and rich. It is also because of the geographic proximity to Bas-Armagnac, the vinification process and the choice of distillation and maturation methods. The eaux-de-vie of Chteau Pellehaut are fine, soft and complex. Proof of

this lies with the numerous medals and commendations in the French and International press.


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