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Creme de Menthe Blanc Edmond Briottet 21% 70cl

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Mint was already grown during the Bronze Age. The Menthol content to be found in the leaves and which gives its strong taste is very high in round-leaved mint, wild mint and pennyroyal. Menthe BRIOTTET, prepared from a base of finely sweetened essential essence of mint, gives and impression of pureness, balance and extreme freshness. A delicious fragrance is given off. It is best serves with ice, diluted with fizzy water for its refreshing and digestive virtues. With desserts, it marries well with chocolate or raspberries. But you can also show some originality in drinking it like the people of Kentucky, who serve bourbon with a dash of mint.
Creme de Menthe Blanc Edmond Briottet 21% 70cl

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