Cono Sur 20 Barrels Pinot Noir 2008/10 14% 75cl

Cono Sur 20 Barrels Pinot Noir 2008/10 14% 75cl

Key Info

Type Red
Country Chile
Region Casablanca V
Grape Pinot Noir
Style Red - Medium Bodied
Strength 14%

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An elegant, voluptuous Pinot Noir with a deep, clean and bright ruby red colour. The nose carries through with amazing finesse and complexity, where notes of fresh cherry, strawberry, raspberry and plum, mingle in with leather and smoked hints in the background. Outstanding extraction, deliciously long and soft finish. This sophisticated and complex wine is the result of New World fruit vinified according to Burgundys tradition.

Generally known as a sexy wine, Pinot is a natural choice for some of the latest culinary trends. Fusion cuisine, for example, goes very well with Pinots versatility. It will also enhance the flavour of whole grains, all kinds of mushrooms and herbs, making it a favourite for vegetarians. In broader terms, this is a wine that will make any white meat look good; also soups, stews and flavourful fish dishes. Among cheeses, it prefers the dry and tough ones like Edam.

Cono Sur was born around the oldest Pinot Noir vineyards in Chile. We were the first in Chile to produce Premium Pinot Noir, and also the first ones to export it. Producing this variety has been Cono Surs most exiting challenge.