Mozart Chocolate Bitters.

Mozart Distillerie, a family run business, has produced traditional Austrian spirits in Salzburg since 1954. For the past 30 years they have specialised in the production of chocolate spirits and have come to be recognised as the experts in this field.

’Nick Gillett, Mangrove, comments:”Mozart has always been synonymous with amazing chocolate based products. Mozart Chocolate Bitters is no exception with a strong dark chocolate flavour prevalent. It is an excellent addition to an already outstanding range.”
Mozart Chocolate Bitters were created by the Mozart Distillerie during an elaborate and very creative session with bartenders, trade professionals and their own in-house master distiller, Mr. Dietmar Fadinger. With the single aim of creating ‘the first chocolate bitters that tastes like real chocolate.’
Mozart Chocolate Bitters
Mozart Chocolate Bitters use barrel aged cocoa macerate as the base for the product. The distinct taste of chocolate is completed by natural aroma extracts from spices such as nutmeg (only natural ingredients are used). The special storage of the concentrate emphasises the intense taste of all ingredients. The alcohol base is a fine sugar cane distillate. 



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