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Vermouth de Torino (Red) Cocchi 16% 75cl

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This is a very pungent liquid. On the nose you immediately find aromas of liquorice, singed orange peel, vanilla and caramel. Over time, faint menthol notes develop into aromas reminiscent of dandelion and burdock. This vermouth is very full flavoured, the palate immediately detecting a bitter, earthy character which is very well balanced against the sweeter notes of liquorice, orange zest and muscovado sugar. A very bold, long finish, with the bitter/sweet balance staying with you to the end.

Traditionally drunk on its own or over ice, this vermouth will also add another dimension when used as an ingredient in your classic cocktails.
Vermouth de Torino (Red) Cocchi 16% 75cl

Customer Reviews

Knockout Negronis

I've been using this in Negronis for a couple of years. It adds real depth to this classic, especially when used with a robust gins such as Beefeater 24 or Tanqueray. Knockout!

Chris Lowthorpe, WOODBRIDGE

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