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Citadelle Reserve Gin 44.7% vol 2103 edition

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Citadell Reserve gin contains 19 botanical gin from Cognac, France is finished for 6-9 months in limousin oak barrels. The golden coloured Citadelle Reserve is deep and complex in character with an initial juniper hit blending into citrus, spices and floral aromas balanced by mellow wood character.

This gin is perfect in classic Martini's and can be found on the back-bars of the worlds finest bars. Citadelle is the only gin in the world produced in a Cognac still in Grande Champagne in Cognac. In the early years of gin production it was aged in barrels during transportation but now one of the only in the world which is left to mellow and pick up vanilla and wooded hints from Limousin oak barrels. Only 12,000 bottles are produced annually and each one is individually numbered and signed.
Citadelle Reserve Gin 44.7% vol 2103 edition

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