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Christmas Wine & Spirits Show 2011

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

We are holding a tasting of over 150 different wines, whisky, rums, liqueurs and other spirits.
A tasting not to be missed:

Thursday, November 3rd 6.30pm -9pm

The Falmouth Beach Hotel
Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth, Cornwall.

Tickets £10 per person*
Refundable when you place an order for £40 or more on the night.

Entrance by ticket only.

Tickets available on 01326340226

Springbank Releases 2011

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Springbank has just released their Longrow 18 years old which is in limited supplies (1 bottle per customer)

Colour: Golden Hay. Nose: This whisky has an incredibly sweet nose with some savory notes peeking through. Marshmallows in abundance – the vanilla variety, with icing sugar and foam bananas adding to the sweetness. Upon further nosing the fruit makes an appearance, brambles, mandarines and over ripe damson fruits. Some savory notes pushing through such as linseed oil – do we smell cricket bats? Palate: This dram coats your palate in a waxy fashion with its continuing sweet flavours as described on the nose. But there is also the familiar, well balanced trace of smoke which makes this a brilliantly complex wee dram that will make you feel right at home no matter where you are.

Finish: The creaminess of this whisky means it doesn’t go away – you feel the warmth of this Longrow all the way down to your boots, creamy, sweet with a gentle smoke finish.

Hazelburn 8 years old Sauternes wood

Also they have released a cask finish from their Hazelburn Distiller, Hazelburn 8 years old Sauternes wood bottled at 55.9% vo, which has a lovely mahogany colour. This is a limited bottle of 9180 bottles worldwide.

Distillery Tasting notes
Colour: Reddish Auburn

Nose: Warm and embracing: homemade Seville orange marmalade on a buttered, toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel. Orange liqueur, burnt demerara sugar, treacle, honey, figs and dates emerge from the sidelines as the aromas develop.

Palate: Buttery, creamy and rich with orange fondant cream and ginger bread biscuits. Hints of honey and chili glazed brazil nuts, sweet and warm.

Finish: The longer this whisky spends in the glass the better it gets. It has a thick and creamy finish that pleasantly lingers on for a long while, leaving you feeling very content

Kilkerran Work in Progress 2 and 3

Kilkerran Work in Progress 2 and 3 – we have just taken stock of the new whisky made at the Glengyle distillery. The 2010 bottling Grey label, and the 2011 bottling Green label.
We still have a few bottles of the first Kilkerran (white label), so if you are thinking of collecting these you can get all three at once, as these are worth a punt for the future.


Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Octomore is just about to release its latest version, which is the peatiest every at 167ppm. Matured in 100% boubon cask and bottled at 62.5% vol. Here are jim Mcewans tasting notes:

Colour   Primrose/Chartreuse       

 Body  The body is lean and muscular with the smouldering heat of a heath fire just being held in check by the strength of the oak. This is a spiritual soul, unconfined, independent and masters less – Hallelujah!

Nose / Palate  Your expectations are about to be rewarded as a heat haze of peat smoke, bog myrtle, heather, wild thyme and juniper all harmonise to lift the awaiting senses into a state of total joy. Next, a beautiful note of yellow riverside flowers – primrose, buttercup and wild Lilies can be detected then the wind changes and now the aromatics are of warm barley fields just before harvest, plus the sweet vanilla notes from the Bourbon soaked oak. Then, as time slips by little aromas of soft green citrus fruits, lemon zest and clover honey all slipstream on a cooling marine sea breeze arrive. It’s a hedonistic aromatic experience. After some aeration and interaction the notes all rise as one, completely blowing your mind. It’s only when you taste the spirit that you wonder how a spirit so heavily peated can provide such harmonisation of aromas and flavours at such a young age. The answer is slow distillation, the tightest middle cut ever and maturation in fresh American oak casks next to the Atlantic Ocean.  So you’re not just tasting peat, peat and more peat. This is a strong flavoursome handsome proud young son of the Stills with a warm open Gaelic heart, unconfined by Phenolic overload, untainted by additives, not stripped of its pride by chill-filtration and made by real people with passion and almost rare skills. Discerning followers of this Islands’ malt whiskies deserve nothing less.          

Finish   The finish is long and mellow and will end on a beautiful sunset of smoke and fruit syrup. Its 100% Islay DNA and I am delighted you have been introduced to the latest addition to the Bruichladdich family.

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix..

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

The Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix should be with us on Friday after long delays in the processing of the tins. This will be our last allocation of Snow Phoenix, so place your orders quickly to avoid disappointment. (maximun of 1 bottles per customer)
Its Here…

Ardbeg Embassy

Monday, May 9th, 2011

We are proud to be appointed one of only a handful of Argbeg Embassies.

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix Update..

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

We will be getting another allocation of Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix, but unfortunately it will not be until the end of June. Please call 01326 340226 to reserve your bottle..

Shackleton’s Replica Bottle

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011


- Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt – Limited edition bottling

In 1907, Explorer Ernest Shackleton took 25 cases of Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt on his famous, ill-fated expedition to the South Pole, and left 11 bottles behind, buried in the ice.

In 2007 two priceless cases was discovered and one taken to NZ by the heritage trust.

Richard Patterson of Whyte&Mackay  analysed the liquid and reveals a truly awesome whisky.

2011 Richard recreates this sensational blend, lost for over a century

Malts from Speyside, Islands and Highlands including Glen Mhor from 1983, the year the distillery closed. 

Limited edition – Only 50,000 bottles will be produced

Each bottle sold will generate a £5 donation to the Antartica Heritage Trust

RSP £100 arriving soon….

Tasting Note:

Colour – Light honey, straw gold with shimmering highlights.

Nose - Soft, elegant & refined. Delicate aromas of crushed apple, pear and fresh pineapple arouse the senses. The spirit is exciting and vibrant with attractive notes of oak shavings that release hints of buttery vanilla, creamy caramel and nutmeg. A whisper of marmalade, cinnamon and even a tease of smoke, ginger and muscovado sugar completes this spectrum of delight.

Taste - With a generous strength of 47.3% this gives the spirit plenty of impact on the palate but in a mild warming manner. Harmonious and exhilarating. Whispers of gentle bonfire smoke slowly give way to spicy rich toffee, treacle and pecan nuts. These enticing flavours linger lovingly on the palate but are soon combined by a sensual, complex array of creme brulee, orange rind and freshly baked bread. It is a remarkable tapestry of tantalising taste sensations which truly rewards the palate.

Machrie Moor – The Peated Arran Malt

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Arran Distillery has just released a nw single malt call ‘Machrie Moor’ . This is the first release limited to 9000 bottles worldwide. Distilled since 2004 the malted barely is peated to a levele of 14ppm and botytled at their prefered strenght of 46% vol.

The nose gives hints of fudge, coconut spice and a glorious touch of peat reek to follow.

The palate is classic Arran at first with notes of citrus, orchard fruits and cardamom spice mingling in a rich melting pot. At the back of the palate peat smoke finally emerges to whip up a storm.

The peat reek takes center  stage leaving a rich, warming glow like the burning embers of a bonfire.

Hazleburn 8 years old Sauternes wood

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Springbank distillery are about to release a limited edition of their Hazelburn single malt, matured for 5 years in bourbon casks then 3 years in sauternes casks, bottled at 55.9% vol. This bottling should be available early March 2011.

First distilled in 1997 and every year thereafter. The malt is dried over hot air only, no peat at all is used. Triple distilled.

Colour: Reddish Auburn!
Nose: marmalade on a buttered, toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel. Orange liqueur, burnt demerara sugar, treacle, honey, figs and dates emerge from the sidelines as the aromas develop. Warm and embracing: homemade Seville orange

Palate: cream and ginger bread biscuits. Hints of honey and chili glazed brazil nuts, sweet and warm. Buttery, creamy and rich with orange fondant

Finish: The longer this whisky spends in the glass the better it gets. It has a thick and creamy finish that pleasantly lingers on for a long while, leaving you feeling very content. 




Snow Grouse Here in March..

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Snow Grouse should be landing with us in early March. Its a grain whisky made to appeal to the younger generation of whisky drinkers, they recommend to serve straight from the freezer.  A light delicate and vanilla sweet whisky, smooth and easy drinking.