Caroni 1974 Rum Bristol Classic Rum 46% 70cl

Caroni 1974 Rum Bristol Classic Rum 46% 70cl

Key Info

Type Golden Rum
Country Trinidad & Tabago
Vintage 1974
Strength 46%

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This is the oldest stock we have ever shipped from Trinidad. Distilled on the Caroni column still it is an example of their heavy style of rum that has been matured in the Caribbean for all its life prior to being shipped to the U.K. for bottling.

The heat of warehousing in the Caribbean leads to high evaporation and intense extract from the wood requiring careful cask management over the many years of maturation. Thirty-four years is an exceptionally long time for stock to be kept and we are offering here what we believe to be one of the oldest rums available from the region.

Dark in colour, hints of old gold and a green tinged rim, these, hues extracted from the wood. On the nose deep soft fruit including baked apple and bananas combine into a wonderful sweetness. This leads to a palate of such complexity and flavour that dives deep into the heart of a fully matured spirit showing style and length. Concentration of flavour, heavy hints of well matured oak, a length of palate supported by sweet fruit and a touch of tar give something very special to enjoy. Drink deep for this is history and when these bottles have been enjoyed there will be no more. Serve with a splash of water, drink quietly!