Calle 23 Reposado Tequila 40% 50cl

Calle 23 Reposado Tequila 40% 50cl

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Key Info

Type Tequila
Style Reposado Tequila
Strength 40%

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Calle 23 tequila is produced in Zapotlanejo from agaves from the Highland region of Jalisco (fields between Arandas and Tepatitlan). The Highlands region grows plants that produce the perfect tequila tasting profile that Calle 23 wanted to achieve.

Calle 23 tequila slowly cooks it's agaves in stainless steel autoclaves for 7 hours. They then let the temperature drop down for 3 more hours, thereby cooking the heart of the agave and ensuring the outside of the plant is not overcooked or burnt.

Calle 23 Reposado - distilled to aprox. 54% abv and aged in ex bourbon casks (Jack Daniel's and Heaven Hills's) for 8 months. When perfect rest is reached, the tequila is diluted with distillery well water down to 40% abv. and bottled.

Tasting Note: "This tequila has a light sweetness from the wood integrated with the agave flavours leading to a spicy finish."


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